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The European Grill – Stepping into Macedonia


One of the things I love best about Newtown that I keep bringing up is the multi-cultural food. Living in Newtown is such a treat, within a few short kilometres you can have your choice of such distinct foods as Thai, Viatnamese, Sri Lankan, and as I’ve experienced this past weekend even Macedonian!

Europe Grill on top of our street was a restaurant that looked a little run-down and aged. Just from the outside you would get that old country feeling. Once we stepped inside, it was like little Macedonia. Lots of natives frequenting the restaurant is a good sign of authenticity of the cuisine.

One would expect Macedonian cuisine to be like Greek, but there was more hint of Slavik than the fish and seafood dominated Greek style of food.

I was happy to see ‘kajmak’ on the menu even though we didn’t order it. Kaymak, as it’s known in Turkish is the freshest buttermilk that spreads on warm bread to complement the sweet flavour of honey. I will definitely have to go back to Europe Grill to try their ‘kajmak’ for breakfast. They also had the paprika paste, Ajvar on the menu, another breakfast favourite of mine.

The grill was up and front of the restaurant and it was appetizing to see and smell the sausages and patties cooking. Our order of the meat plate was plentiful and my personal favourite was the chicken with the grilled smoky flavour which enhanced the chicken breast meat perfectly.

Over all, the whole evening was like a trip to Macedonia. Lots of good food, grilling, and Macedonians. It really reminded me of back home.


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