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“What Just Happened” Shouldn’t Have Happened








Out of not really knowing any better, I got into watching ‘What Just Happened’.  It had Robert DeNiro so how bad could it possibly be?

Bad. Really bad. More so than bad. Slow, real slow.

As it turns out, in the usual way that Hollywood continually references itself in fare like “Californication” and “Entourage”, the people on the “inside’ thought it was a good enough idea to make a full-length film about the difficulties of a producers life as he deals with the artsy, entertainment biz types and money hungry studio execs.

In the way that Jazz solos that go longer than they should getting improvised to death in musical exaggeration and self-importance, this movie is a bit of filmographic verbosity and those out of the circle don’t really get ‘what just happened’ or who just got satirized and why? Maybe little pop-up bits of information to fill in the blanks could have helped.

Bottom line, there are better movies about the film industry. For example, check out Entropy. An old favourite of mine and save yourself some time by skipping this one.


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