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Italian for Beginners – An Afternoon in Leichhardt

Did you say Gelato? Cannelloni? Pasta penne? Antipasto? Prosciutto?  Expresso? Then there’s only one place to go where you can find all things Italian if you’re in Sydney.  I’d been told that place is Leichhardt located in the Inner West.  So I went to explore yesterday.

Leichhardt also seemed to me some sort of wedding organization paradise as there were many bridal boutiques, pastries specialising in wedding cakes in close proximity to one another.  After all, Italians like big lavish weddings. don’t they?

The Italian Forum is a beautiful Italian palazzo in Sydney that beings together all things Italy is famous for:  A bit of Venice glass and carnival masks, Florence leather shop in the corner and of course sidewalk cafes across from a decorative fountain with restaurants lined up in the choosiest spots.

If only there were a Grand Bazaar replica in Sydney too.  Truly lacking is something that reflects the complexity and sophistication of Turkish culture in Australia.  I hardly think the massive cement block called the ‘Gallipoli Mosque’ (to be explored next weekend) does any justice to where I’m from.


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