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My Make Up Break-Up

Sometimes it’s time to part ways.  I have been with make up for the last 15 years.  Make up is very close to me and I can say it’s somewhat of a second skin.  Lately though, second skin, my foundation has proven to be a “Frienemy”.  That is the worst kind of enemy, in the form of a friend!  The foundation I’d been layering on to smooth out the imperfections was in fact accentuating them by settling in those fine lines (fine line between fine lines and wrinkles you know!) to make them more noticeable!  How could something I trusted to give me a perfect finish look betray me in such a way!  I was dumbfounded and angry so I parted ways.  Good bye foundation!

When it comes to eye make-up, as someone who wears contacts, my eyes are irritable and I was suspicious that mascara and eyeliner were the culprits for my red and puffy eyes. You see, once I started the break up, I was going for everything that was associated with the foundation so, good bye eye liner, good by mascara!  You all hang out with each other, but away from me.

Will it be long before I start missing them and bring them back in my life?

I don’t know.  I’m enjoying the extra time I have had for myself since the breakup.  I’m also saving face!  I could save space if I just tossed them out but I think that would be too radical.  I like them at an arm’s length.  For now.


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  1. I think keeping them at arms length might be good. You never know when a special occasion will come along and you will want to dazzle someone.

    • Thank you for the comment Karen! I made peace with the war paint but I use it sparingly and my face feels cleaner and fresher. I’ve dazzled all I need to dazzle sordid details following… to paraphrase Captain Tom


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