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The Good, the Bad, and the Turkish

Ortakoy Mosque

An architectural Marvel, the Ortakoy Mosque in Istanbul

There are examples of good and bad reflections of the diverse Turkish culture that make themselves apparent in Sydney.  As is always the case, the bad examples are glaringly more apparent than the tasteful contributions.  For example, there is that great feat of having structured some ridiculous concrete mound which looks like a yellow snail in the slum neighborhood of Auburn (the hub of Turkish settlement in Sydney).  This atrocity which calls itself the Gallipoli Mosque is an egregious backstab to the country where Architect Sinan constructed some of the most elegant examples of Islamic architecture.  To me, the Gallipoli Mosque appears so ridiculously large and so insanely ugly that I tought maybe the Greeks had built it to draw attention to the Turks’ lack of culture and sophistication. I should also mention that the Greek-Turk tensions as well as the heartbreak over Gallipoli is alive and well in today’s Australia.  Not a day passes that there isn’t some documentary on cable TV on ANZAC troops role in WW1, which is understandable with Australian history being scarce and limited.

Scarring the skies of Auburn – The Gallipoli Mosque

Concrete Dump

Concrete and paint dump that is the 'Gallipoli Mosque'

It would be unfair to go on and on about the eyesore of the mosque without touching upon some delightful contributions Turks have made to Sydneysiders’ life.  On top of the list is the kebab rolls.  Kebab rolls are the tastiest fast food in Sydney without a doubt.  They are on the lips of weekend revelers after a pub crawl.  The  good is then the ever reliable, ready and willing kebab shops on every corner feeding the rush of the masses after late night partying.  I know they have many Australian fans.


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