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Comforting Autumn Foods

As the nature dons its autumn hues, deep reds, oranges, browns and yellows, the food that comes to our tables also shows up in those familiar colours of autumn. Think corns, pumpkins, squashes, carrots. These foods are all rich in beta-keratin, which gives them the beautiful colours and also supplements our immune system during this critical time of seasonal transition. Some of the yummiest comfort foods can be made from pumpkins, corn, carrots, which all have a pleasently sweet-ish flavor that works well in savories and sometimes sweets.

Pumpkin soup rich with nutmeg and spices is a well known and liked soup with the English speaking people originating from Europe but did you know that you can make a delicious pumpkin jam? The Pumpkin jam is a quintessential crowning desert of New Year’s feasts in many Turkish homes. It is best served with walnuts and a bit of rich buttermilk. Today, I will illustrate how to make it as it is very simple and requires only butternut squash, sugar, water and walnuts. Simply cut the butternut squash into chunks, put it in a boiler, add some suhgar, wait for it to release its juices and start boiling in a bit of water until the squash has softened and soaked in the syrup.

Chunks of Butternut squash

Squash giving off their juice in the sugar

Lovely smell of boiling butternut squash in syrup

Sprinkle the jam with walnuts and voila!


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