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Up and Down in CBD

I remember not too long ago, I was job hunting. One particular day I was not only up and down on the streets of CBD, but also on floors way above ground level. I appreciated the view from whole new heights. It was a hectic day but there was no job at the end of it. Just the entry below.

Job searching is the best way to see the inner workings of a city. Job interviews in 3-D cities that extend vertically are fun for the added dimension. Going up plazas 50-60 floors up ground level certainly adds a new perspective. Yesterday and today all up and down CBD, meeting, greeting and seeing the city was exciting as well as exhausting. All and all, one more meeting with a recruitment agency, with a recruiter Kate Blackwell of Beaumont Consulting- who clued me in that because Aussies are too laid back to do any good recruiting work, plenty of people from UK, Ireland are sponsored to staff Australia’s offices (I’ve learned since that Australians are too honest for this line of work). Today, I finally got a job. I will be walking the streets of CBD trying to sign people up for a charity to sponsor children in 3rd world countries come Monday.



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I live in Newtown. I love Inner West. But I can love other neighbourhoods as well.

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