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A Weekend in Spring

Spring is making it pleasent again to be outdoors.  Outdoor markets near Sydney (Eveleigh and Glebe) are attracting onlookers and participants.  They make for a colourful scenes and backdrops for Newtown’s well-groomed people to showcase themselves with their poodles.  The 1950s style is the newest trend with denizens of Newtown.  Everyone is very meticulous with their clothes and accessories to reflect an authentic vision of the 50s.  Poodles are the purebreeds of choice but all sorts of toy dogs are highly cherished displayed in public with pride.  Living in Newtown is a very unique experience.

Walking around in Newtown, it’s not unusual to run into homes turned into art galleries.  Homes of artists also function as showing galleries as they try to sell their paintings to pay for refurbishments and renovations that reflect the discriminating taste of the owners.  The houses all have a distinct charm.  They’re British with touches of exotic South Pacific islands with Palm trees adding that extra touch of the tropics.  Below are some impressions from weekend walks around Newtown.

Eveleigh Carriageworks


Musician Performing against a Pneumatic Hammer

Clever Recycling of old Luggages


About NewtownLiving

I live in Newtown. I love Inner West. But I can love other neighbourhoods as well.

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  1. Really like your blog – the text and the images. Nicely done!

  2. Thank you 🙂 I’m saving up for a professional camera so I can do this beautiful city of ours justice

  3. Love the luggage picture – really takes the imagination back in time!


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