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The Photo Studio in Glebe

The Photo Studio, found by one of Australia’s better known commercial and advertising artists, North Sullivan, is a red door on the wall in Glebe.  For one who’s not looking for it, it is virtually impossible spot.  One would not think there would be a full capacity studio behind the Broadway parking lot.  But there it is.  And once you walk through the red door, it’s a walk into studio magic.

The minute you walk in, your coat is taken and your wardrobe is set up by the very capable studio hands.  The experience is almost like visiting one of your friends who may live in the bohemian part of town with a penchant for shabby chic items and textures.  There are nice little touches around every corner like the lighting used in old movie sets or a collection of children’s chairs from yesteryears.

The make up room is the laboratory where you try your different looks.  The expert make up artist is always willing to accommodate to give you the look you’re after.  The MUA who helped me was like a girlfriend and I felt like I was at a pajama party as we went through different looks for the different photo sessions. 

Casual look with minimal make up was uplifted by a fancier hair style with more curls for a long dress and then full on smoky glamour was put on for the LBD (Little Black Dress).  The make up and photography for all the looks worked perfectly to portray the mood and I was very happy at the end of the photo shoot knowing that I looked my absolute best.


OK, fast forward a month later to last Saturday, when I finally had my photo viewing day due to busy schedules on my part and the studio’s.

I felt the atmosphere, the viewing room, Cat, the hostess’s, hospitality were excellent. The room was comfortable with nice ambience (the whole studio is very nicely done, reflecting impeccable taste). The photos were laid out very nicely and we went through the picking and choosing of portfolio photographs smoothly. Cat was very proficient in helping me make the selections of photos to choose for my portfolio. She was very knowledgeable of the packages and deals.

Everything was going very well until I heard the total price for the 10 photo portfolio that I was opting. I have to tell you that there are other well- respected photographers who work in commercials who offer to shoot portfolios for quarter of the price.

I also take advantage of an internet portal called Model Mayhem to produce my own portfolio. On Model Mayhem, I model in exchange for portfolio photographs (TFP- Trade for Pictures). The make up artist, the photo shoot and the photos are provided to me for free in exchange for my modeling. Though I have never done professional modeling, I’m in high demand on Model Mayhem.

I realise the pricing reflects what people are willing to pay for their portfolios at the Photo Studio and that maybe lowering the prices maybe detrimental to the luxury experience and the exclusivity they offer.

I would suggest perhaps offering lower ticket items so as not to lose potential buyers like myself (introduced by a significant discount campaign) who are turned off by the steep prices. I would have loved to keep a souvenir of my experience with the Photo Studio, perhaps a low-resolution FB image. 

Oh well, I guess the fabulous memories of the day will do.


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