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When I first arrived in Sydney in December of 2010, I was told to make use of the ferries as much as I could. The views of sailboats, the blues of the waters, greens of land they make some amazing contributions to one’s view of Sydney. Some of the scenes are straight out of Ralph Lauren commercials and couldn’t possibly be more generic preppy wholesome goodness of outdoors.

Approaching Manly Beach on the ferry I was trying to visualise what it may have been like when the first settlers gazed at the beach. The beach takes its name from the fact that Aboriginal men were seen by the first colonists on this beach and they looked ever so manly with muscly bodies and glistening skin in the sun (I may be over-visualising this).

From December 2010 – January 2011 there was an exhibition by a local artist in the Manly Art Gallery. The artist, James Guppy is renowned for his surrealist forms and has a masterful way of portraying textures.  His paintings also reflected the intense love and passion for his partner, who was the inspiration and subject of many of his works.   James Guppy is not a young man, and neither his partner.  Even in advance age, to have this sort of passionate love, it really moved me.

Some examples of James Guppy’s works are below.

Textures and Detail

Nailing down the Surf

James Guppy's Ubiquitous Orchids


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