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Newtown Festival

Last weekend was the celebration of Newtown at Camperdown Park.  Because Newtown is always a festival the festival day was anti-climatic.  Don’t get me wrong, the outdoor festival was a success.  The vendors, food, security, volies were all very well organised and everyone was having a good time.  The nature of Newtown with all the live music and arts out and about has me spoiled to the point that an outdoor festival just doesn’t seem to fit the bohemian feel of the community.  The bands on stage were not reflective of the raw talent on the streets of Newtown on any old regular day.  Good fun for the kids?  Absolutely!

Money Back Gurantee!

Get Your Wands Here all you Harry Potter types!


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I live in Newtown. I love Inner West. But I can love other neighbourhoods as well.

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  1. BO-RING! Sorry don’t mean to put a downer, but 80% of this blog-land is full of stupid bitches who think they can write. You’re one of them.

    • Oh hey, I hope you didn’t miss the irony of the ‘Money Back Guarantee Gozleme’ as someone who was in Turkey recently 🙂 As for the lack of writing skills, I try. I’m not claiming greatness here but I like to think I put out some good photos to leave digital records of life in the Inner West of Sydney in 2010s. I wish you a great day friend!


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