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The Walls are Alive with the Vision of Subversion


Splashed Paint Never Looked Better

Banksy is here in Sydney.  His artwork has made it to Cockatoo Island all the way from England.

The most exciting thing about this graffiti artist is that his identity is not known and he’s been operating for years!  Does that remind you of V from ‘V for Vendetta‘?  And he’s just as rebellious!  Here’s a sampling of what was on display on Cockatoo Island.

There are other artists’ works on display behind every corner on Cockatoo Island until December!

Eyes Without a Face

Destroy Capitalism! $30 at a time

Underwear ModelSplashed Paint Never Looked BetterDestroy Capitalism! $30 at a time

Roller DerbyEyes Without a FaceUnderwear Model

Swimming In RainEyes Without a FaceRoller DerbyDestroy Capitalism! $30 at a time

Refreshing Riot!Underwear Model

Bye Bye Love


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I live in Newtown. I love Inner West. But I can love other neighbourhoods as well.

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  1. Great,Fantastic Artwork Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Cheers … love the art work. Eyes without a Face is my fav. BTW … I came back! 🙂

  3. Nice! Wish I have a hand for art, in this case, graffitti. Totally awesome. Wishing you success.


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