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The Walls are Alive with the Vision of Subversion


Splashed Paint Never Looked Better

Banksy is here in Sydney.  His artwork has made it to Cockatoo Island all the way from England.

The most exciting thing about this graffiti artist is that his identity is not known and he’s been operating for years!  Does that remind you of V from ‘V for Vendetta‘?  And he’s just as rebellious!  Here’s a sampling of what was on display on Cockatoo Island.

There are other artists’ works on display behind every corner on Cockatoo Island until December!

Eyes Without a Face

Destroy Capitalism! $30 at a time

Underwear ModelSplashed Paint Never Looked BetterDestroy Capitalism! $30 at a time

Roller DerbyEyes Without a FaceUnderwear Model

Swimming In RainEyes Without a FaceRoller DerbyDestroy Capitalism! $30 at a time

Refreshing Riot!Underwear Model

Bye Bye Love


Newtown Festival

Last weekend was the celebration of Newtown at Camperdown Park.  Because Newtown is always a festival the festival day was anti-climatic.  Don’t get me wrong, the outdoor festival was a success.  The vendors, food, security, volies were all very well organised and everyone was having a good time.  The nature of Newtown with all the live music and arts out and about has me spoiled to the point that an outdoor festival just doesn’t seem to fit the bohemian feel of the community.  The bands on stage were not reflective of the raw talent on the streets of Newtown on any old regular day.  Good fun for the kids?  Absolutely!

Money Back Gurantee!

Get Your Wands Here all you Harry Potter types!

Statues on Bondi

With the coming of Summer days, the lovely suburbs of Sydney are on center stage and the spotlight of the bright Australia sun is on them.

There are many things going around Sydney, one of which happens to be the statues on Bondi.  The statues by the beach actually are featured in several popular beaches around Australia so thankfully everyone on the continent gets a chance to see this unique juxtaposition of art and nature.

The photos below were sent to me by Ray Baker, a photographer friend of mine.  I still haven’t seen the statues in person.

El Cuervo Cantina in Newtown

Day of the Dead

Shop door decorations for Day of the Dead

Window Decor in Newtown

Day of the Dead was a great opportunity for the Mexican community in Newtown to shine with colorful decorations on the shop doors and windows.

There are several Mexican restaurants in Newtown of varying repute from ones that are frequent ambulence stops to white cloth table ones with swanky ambiance.

El Cuervo on Enmore Road is somewhere in the middle of the range of Mexican cuisine in Newtown. The small cantina promises the authentic Mexican experience. The dining space is simple with a small stage. For Day of the Dead, live music and special banquet menu was advertised however, there was neither live music nor a special menu. The menu was traditional Mexican fare with enchiladas, black bean sides and cheese and guacomole dips.

We tried the house specialty chocolate sauce on the enchiladas and that was a mistake. If you can imagine salty chocolate flavoured sauce with runny consistency in brown colour, and this does not seem appealing to you, best to avoid.

Service was forgetful. The restaurant was full house and the waiters refused to write down the orders so we ended up with wrong appetisers but they also forgot to charge us so in the end we were happy.

Over all, it was a disappointing experience. I have yet to find Mexican cuisine that’s good in Sydney.

That Old African Feeling

There’s a fairly large African community in Newtown, though I hardly see Africans out and about, I know this because there are 3 African restaurants and 2 hair dressers and grocer’s that service the African community within a 4 km radius.

On Friday and Saturday nights, the restaurants in Newtown spring to life with belly dancing in the Lebanese, Turkish and otherwise Arabic restaurants, African drumming in African restaurants, and presumably other attractions in restaurants of more demure cultures.

When we went to African Feeling (one of the three, with Cafe Lat Dior and Kilimanjaro being the other two African cuisine locales) it was 9 pm on Saturday and we had missed the African drumming.  This may have been fortunate and I’m seeing reviews online saying that the drumming gets so loud that the enjoyment of food is noticeably diminished.

For entrees, we went on a food safari and ordered the appetiser plate with kpoff kpoff, which was like plain fried donuts, African cigars, which was spicy minced beef wrapped in flaky dough and the vegetarian triangles, which had spiced lentils with herbs wrapped in pastry.  The entrees were delicious as anything encased in dough would be.  They were nothing special or unique.  Every culture has its version of the quintessential ‘curry puff’.

For the main we had the chicken breast in coconut sauce “kuku na nazi” and the ‘lamb tangine’, which was the Moroccan spiced lamb stew with raisins. These dishes were served in wooden bowls and the portions were generous.  The spices took away from the flavour of the meat and the way they were prepared we couldn’t even tell the lamb apart from the chicken.

The service was friendly and attentive.  It was disappointing that we couldn’t sample the karkadeh, the traditional hibiscus drink of the African continent as they’d run out.  Also missing on the menu was injerah, the flat bread of Ethiopia.  Injerah is a yeast-risen flatbread with a unique, slightly spongy texture. Traditionally made out of teff (a species of lovegrass indigenous to Northern Africa) flour.

African Feeling gets 4 stars out of a possible 5 for the whole experience.

Old Wares in Newtown

On my side of the King Street on Newtown, towards St. Peter’s train stations, there are second-hand and retro furniture and old wares shops one after another. These shops along with an old-fashioned milk shop take you back in time. You are taken back in time until confronted by old bottles priced $5 and $6. The ‘treasures’ in these shops may be old but the prices are straight out of today’s inflated rates.

My search for a coffee table resulted in some interesting sights. There was this bench made of old bicycle tyres in front of a bicycle shop for example.

And these views from the old wares shops.

Paddington Living

One of my recent weekend strolls took me to the small neighbourhood of Paddington, which lies right outside of the city and away from train stations.  This was a walk from the Museum train station but I eventually got to Paddington walking straight  Oxford Street and past Darlinghurst.

Paddington Reservoir and the houses (or should I say the complex) built around this watering hole is architectural art.   The pool or atrium in the middle and the classical column structures all reminded me of ancient Roman homes.  On a sunny afternoon there are no dogs to be found in this reservoir but lovely sunbathing beauties.

Other visions that stick out in my mind are the lavish window displays of the boutiques.  Unless I’m missing something, there is not much else to report from Paddington.

Dead Wait