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Newtown – How I Love Thee

Below chronicles the first impressions of living in Newtown.  Much has changed and I’ve had a new understanding and respect for my home in Newtown but first impressions remain.  Love at first sight?  Yes, truly.

Counting the ways:

1) Enmore Theatre on a concert night, swarming with enthusiasts

2) Countless restaurants on King Street with their world cuisines

3) Holier-than-thou emo kids on your streets

4) The way your old and frail infrastructure gives up

5) Gorgeous pedigree dogs with perfect grooming and their no-life owners

6) Colourful characters on the streets who would be hauntingly tragic if only they weren’t so quirky

7) The way lipstick Lesbians are dispersed sparingly among the truly scary hemales

8) Insipid Hare Krishna food on weekdays with generosity of portions

9) Homes with flair of yester-decades

10) Enmore Road with its run-down shops playing a sad second fiddle to King Street


Is Happiness an Impediment?

Edgar Allan Poe doesn’t strike me as a particularly happy person and his stories certainly were no walks in the park.

Addison wasn’t a very happy person.  He thought sleep was a waste of time.  I doubt he was well adjusted.  He was possibly bipolar.

One of the musical geniuses of all time Beethoven was known to be grumpy way before he got old and deaf.  He wasn’t a well-adjusted individual.

Happy people just don’t create.  Ideas, art, inventions, writings, paintings, music whatever.  Can you name any well-adjusted people who’ve contributed to humanity as we know it today?  Look at Thomas Alva Addison.  The man was a genius, he invented elecricity!  Could there have been any other invention that has shed so much light before or since?

Van Gogh cut off his ear in a crazy-frenzy and it’s rumoured he posted it to his ex lover.  I’m thinking he wasn’t happy.

Then there’s the members of the 27 club.  Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse the latest member.  Can’t see anything but a desperation to get out when considering the members of this club.

So times of deppression (not just deppressed individuals) make for some interesting and innovative times and people will probably tap into resourcefulness they never thought they had.  Necessity is the mother of invention after all.

In times of economic distress, when resources are limited, we are more likely to tap into inner resources to make the most to provide relative comfort.  It is times like these that give birth to inventions and we shall see what this next worldwide collapse of the credit system will give birth to.